Community Freedom Volunteer Interest

There are several volunteer opportunities available on the Community Freedom Team

Serve on our teams that go inside the prisons:

  • Greeter and Small Group Facilitator - Attends worship services (weekly/ bi-monthly/monthly) 
  • Midweek Alpha Small Group Facilitator - Facilitates small group discussions at the prison/jail weekly

Serve on our teams outside of the prisons:

  • Re-entry Resource Team - Communicates with men and women upon release to provide needed resources. Contacts organizations and businesses that are willing to be a Community Freedom re-entry resource.  
  • Prison/Jail Liaison Team - Works with volunteers to get applications. Keeps track of volunteer schedule and communication with jail/prison staff about important information
  • Donations Team - Collects and distributes monthly Community Freedom donations
  • Letter Correspondence Team - Communicates to prison/jail residents via letter correspondence  

If you are interested in becoming a part of our team, please submit your information and you will be contacted by someone on our team.